Foxconn CEO Terry Gou mocks curved displays on smartphones

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou mocked the curved displays on new smartphones who joked that the products are phones designed to fit the rears of consumers.

“People are talking about, wow, displays that can transform, but they forget that you have to be able to use the device,” Terry Gou said at the company’s shareholders’ meeting on Wednesday.

Both Samsung and LG have released smartphones built with curved screens, but Gou is less than impressed with the technology.

Gou recounted visiting the show booth of one of the Korean companies, where he asked the sales reps why the curved displays were needed.

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“They explained that if the men want to put a large phone into their jeans, it has to be able to fit their buttocks,” he said.

“This is a company ranked worldwide number 1, number 2 in displays, and their marketing is saying this.”


“Do you listen to your phone, or do you look at your phone? You look at them. So if you look at them, why do you need a curved screen?” he recounted saying to the sales rep.

“If it’s a curved screen, then you won’t be able to see the display clearly.”

Foxconn are working on their own innovations. Gou said the company was developing one such handset built with a 35-megapixel camera that sits flat on a device’s surface.

“If you want a 35-megapixel camera on a phone now, you need to buy it as an attachment,” he said.

“What we are working on will be flat.”

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