Hightail makes cloud file sharing and management service easy for Lenovo PCs and tablets

Hightail today announced a new strategic collaboration with Lenovo.

Hightail is pre-loaded on select new Lenovo PCs and Windows tablets, bringing the benefits of cloud collaboration straight to Lenovo customers around the world. With the dedicated Hightail for Lenovo app, users can securely send files, share folders, sign documents and store files in the cloud for easy access across devices.

All consumers who sign up through Lenovo will immediately receive 5GB of free Hightail storage.

“Partnering with a global leader like Lenovo gives us a fantastic opportunity to grow our user base by aligning with one of the biggest, most innovative connected device distributors in the world,” said Eric van Miltenburg, Hightail’s GM of Partnerships.

“Everyone needs to access and control their files across their preferred platforms and devices. Integrating with Lenovo means a unified management experience so users don’t have to think about managing their files at all.”

Data security and information control are top priorities for Hightail. Hightail utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO) to provide its business customers with a secure way of helping approved users access different services without having to remember multiple passwords. This practice of simplifying controls without compromising security is extended to consumers through a tie-in with Lenovo ID, a secure cloud-based user authentication system that provides easy management of websites, applications, media and files through a single username and password across platforms.

“We are very excited about Hightail helping Lenovo execute a more intimate user experience by integrating valuable cloud services to Lenovo ID and Lenovo’s smart connected devices,” said Mark Cohen, Distinguished Engineer and Vice President of Ecosystems and Monetization.

“Providing secure and convenient access to online storage is a core element for Lenovo’s cloud strategy moving forward. Hightail has delivered on this promise of value by providing convenient and easy-to-use storage with enterprise level security.”

This new strategic collaboration delivers Hightail’s intuitive, enterprise-grade security features, including data encryption, password protection, download tracking, identity verification and file expiration dates, to Lenovo customers across the globe. Hightail will tightly integrate into Lenovo’s smart connected devices and enable secure access to any file on any device. The Hightail experience will be available across Windows, Android, and Web platforms for end users to have access to their files across multiple devices.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]