Hoping Club to develop a worldwide immersive smart meeting room

Hoping Club has a strict guild system and strict screening for members.

Hoping Club will release a new brand-new portfolio of assets and invest in a new company in Singapore to develop immersive smart meeting rooms for global application in the future.

The conference forum is a perfect blend of real space and virtual space by reconstructing the conference scenario, which allows presenters and guests in different physical geographies to be in the same virtual meeting room with realistic perspectives and senses. The smart meeting room is highly restored face-to-face communication experience.

Relying on years of experience in fund management of investment banks, Hoping Club entered the U.S. investment market and created diversified investment products for customers, with remarkable results.

After operating in the fields of stocks, funds and venture capital for two years and accumulating solid assets for Hoping Club, Hoping Club entered the real estate market in 2014. The unique trade union system of Hoping Club is not within the supervision of banks, but can play the role of banks.

It provides loans, trusts, asset management, mutual fund private placement and other businesses to enterprises or individual investors, which has been welcomed by many investors. With the concerted efforts of its members, Hoping Club has helped its members earn great wealth in the recovering American real estate.

Hoping Club has a strict guild system and strict screening for members. Most of its members are top talents from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs and team leaders in sports, finance, technology, it, blockchain, digital quantification and so on. Such a team has blossomed in many places in European and American countries, Singapore, China, Malaysia and other places.

The project involves financial investment, real estate, heavy metals and other fields, and has in-depth cooperation with local governments to realize the integration of guild members and society, create value, mutual benefit and win-win results.

Throughout the enterprise development process of Hoping Club, Hoping Club has been steady from the beginning, but has retained curiosity and innovation. In 2016, Hoping Club established the crypto asset investment department, which became the first organization in the world to invest in crypto assets, and won the award of “New American Investor” that year.

Today, Hoping Club has expanded its territory in blockchain, Metaverse and other fields, and has become a promoter in the field of crypto digital assets.

In 2021, Hoping Club won the award of “Top 10 American Venture Capital Institution”, which may be the best recognition for him.

Hoping Club has been optimistic about the market in the Asia Pacific region in the past two years and actively launched more products related to the Asia Pacific region. However, its advantage is that the products cover the world and there are different products to meet the needs of investors.

Amid the turbulence and unrest of geopolitics and the spread of the epidemic, Hoping Club continues to find new investment opportunities and explore new fields. Hoping Club will bring new surprises to its members in new fields