IBM and Ostia partner to bring Portus to the IBM Cloud Marketplace

The IBM and Ostia partnership leverage provides agile and secure cloud access to on-premise data stores

Starting today, IBM clients can discover, learn about, and try Ostia’s Portus service on the IBM Cloud Marketplace, allowing them create services capable of accessing all on-premise data and applications including historically challenging environments such as VSAM, CICS, ADABAS and NATURAL along with the more accessible environments like DB2, Oracle, Sybase and MS SQL Server. IBM clients can now create virtual copies of these services so that testing can take place in isolation in the Cloud environment.

Ostia’s Portus is an open, standards-based technology solution that enables secure and controlled access from the Cloud to on-premise data sources. This is achieved, literally in a matter of seconds, bringing agile levels of service deployment to enterprises and thus enabling a risk free and evolutionary adoption of the Cloud. In addition, Ostia bring the Cloud charging model to the party by allowing free trails and subsequently only charging for what is used.

The IBM Cloud marketplace offers client’s access to more than 100 SaaS applications, IBM’s Bluemixâ„¢ platform-as-a-service with its suite of composable services, the powerful SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service and IBM’s rich intellectual capital and deep industry expertise.

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This single online destination with a suite of cloud services delivers a new buying experience for clients that enables line of business professionals to deploy new services faster; allows developers to build them with greater speed; and offers IT departments more creative, efficient and lower-cost ways to deliver these services.

Says John Power, Ostia’s CEO,

“It’s as if IBM’s Cloud marketplace was designed for Portus; we enable the Enterprise to enjoy all the benefits of the Cloud while maintaining the security and performance of traditional on-premise applications. This is especially true for Enterprises with legacy or difficult to access data on a mix of platforms.”

To learn more about leveraging Portus in the IBM Cloud marketplace and to get started, visit[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]