iPatientCare Partner and Connected Technology Solutions Partner to Enrich Better Usability of iPatientCare Patient Check-in Kiosk

iPatientCare integrated with Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) to provide Patient Kiosk Integrates Self-Service Check-in, Credit Card Scanning, Multi-Language Support, Pre-Populated, and Patient Information Summary, Updating to Modernize Patient Registration Method for Physicians Practices

iPatientCare has announced a strategic partnership with Connected Technology Solutions (CTS) to enrich better usability of iPatientCare Patient Check-in Kiosk.

The customizable Patient Kiosk integrated with iPatientCare EHR streamlines the patient check-in process and document patient complaint information before the patient walks into the exam room. At iPatientCare NUCON 2014, Connected Technology Solutions showcased its adjustable height fully ADA-compliant Patient Passport Express Kiosk models integrated with iPatientCare Patient Kiosk for empowering patients for easy Check-In.

With the iPatientCare and CTS Patient Check-In solution, hospitals and physicians practice can experience many bottom-line ROI benefits. With the experience of over 86 million patient check-ins, one of the major benefits found was higher patient satisfaction. Over 75% of patients checking in judge the process to be faster and efficient, resulting into higher satisfaction. A deep analysis depicts that it saves 80 hours per month with 84% reduction in check-in costs and 60% increase in co-pay collection.

The iPatientCare and CTS self-service solution manages the consulting, payment and updating process for physicians’ practices. The result is an improved CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey score, while significantly increased and more timely revenue collection.

“A value delivery solution for physicians’ practices and their patients makes our strategic partnership with CTS represent an exceptional combination of leading software and hardware solution. Physicians’ practices always look for ways to reduce costs while increasing patient satisfaction. iPatientCare Patient Kiosk is the perfect solution”, said Shripal Shah, Senior Technology Officer, iPatientCare.

“We’re very excited to partner with iPatientCare and their enterprise patient engagement solutions,” said Marc Avallone, Vice President of CTS.

“Being able to address evolving patient needs while helping to drive new efficiencies in healthcare is the bottom line”.

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Avallone continued,

“Hospitals and clinics are very interested in self-service check-in as another tool to improve operations in three key areas: (1) patient satisfaction, (2) patient flow, and (3) patient satisfaction. Expansion initiatives champion the use of self-service technologies that provide a higher level of patient service while also eliminating bottlenecks from waiting rooms of new service areas.”

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