Kraken NFT

Kraken Launches NFT Marketplace Beta

Kraken NFT’s whitelisted collections will begin with those built on Ethereum and Solana

Kraken has launched the public beta of Kraken NFT, a new NFT marketplace for collectors to explore, discover and securely trade NFTs.

Clients will receive two brand-new, distinctive services as a result of today’s earlier launch of Kraken Pro, proving Kraken’s dedication to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

All collectors, from experienced flippers to those just starting their collections, may easily navigate the NFT world thanks to Kraken NFT. It was designed from the ground up to be one of the most safe, user-friendly, and dynamic markets currently accessible in the market.

Jesse Powell, co-founder and CEO of Kraken, said:

“Since 2011, our mission has been to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies with a secure platform that both protects client funds and offers a comprehensive range of products and services.”

“We were the first major exchange to list ether and recognize the promise of the non-fungible space. As a secure gateway complete with curated collections and a host of unique features, we believe Kraken NFT will be the destination of choice for collectors from all backgrounds to explore and interact with the NFT ecosystem,”

Kraken said in a statement that the NFT marketplace will initially offer a curated selection of more than 110 of the NFT collections with the greatest trading volumes available. Supported collections undergo a thorough and thorough vetting process, and new collections are frequently added.

The NFT screener tool on Cryptowatch allows collectors to keep track of real-time NFT market data, the typical sale price, and comprehensive information for hundreds of different collections.

“Kraken has always championed free and diverse expression. NFTs enable content creators to effectively monetize their unique perspectives and connect directly with like-minded audiences. We believe NFTs have the potential to become the way most people start interacting with crypto,” Jesse added.

Kraken NFT Marketplace offers following advantages to users:

  • Zero gas fees: Collectors can buy and sell NFTs held on Kraken without clogging up the underlying blockchain network and incurring sky-high network gas fees. Collectors can easily trade on the marketplace even during peak network activity.
  • Creator earnings: A portion of the value of eligible NFTs sold on our marketplace goes back to the original content creator, rewarding ongoing creativity and invention within the space.
  • Rarity ranking: All supported collections have an accompanying rarity ranking so collectors can better assess how rare an individual NFT may be, informing a potential bid or offer.
  • 200+ funding options: Kraken NFT clients can list or offer an NFT in any of the fiat or cryptocurrencies supported on the platform. Right now, NFTs can be traded in 8 fiat currencies and well over 200 cryptocurrencies.

Kraken NFT’s whitelisted collections will begin with those built on Ethereum and Solana. Support for other blockchains will be added in the near future.