LavAzza Arena

Lavazza Enters The Metaverse with Lavazza Arena

Premium Italian coffee brand Lavazza launched a game on Roblox to raise environmental awareness among younger generations

Lavazza has entered the metaverse by launching a football video game designed to raise awareness among younger generations about one of the most urgent environmental issues, deforestation. 

Lavazza Arena, the newly launched video game on Roblox, enables the community to have fun and at the same time understand the extent of the phenomenon: everyday, the Amazon Forest is losing over a million trees, equivalent to the area of a soccer field every 20 seconds.

Lavazza is well known for its dynamic and innovative communication but also for preserving a heritage that goes back over 120 years. It is vital for the brand to monitor new idioms, styles and communication channels so that it can talk about projects and issues of interest to the community, because innovation is a key value for the company.

For Lavazza, all its communication activities are designed to create an emotional, value-inspired bond with consumers, going beyond the brand itself to engage and stimulate thought, as in this case with a young Gen-Z audience.

The company firmly believes in involving the new generations by using various platforms – digital, experiential events, music – to stimulate dialogue on cultural and social topics relevant to the community.

Well aware of today’s environmental problems and the urgent need to make as many people as possible aware of the serious situation in the Amazon rainforest, Lavazza wants to help young people understand this issue by engaging them on Roblox with an entertaining football video game and using straightforward and emotionally-involving language.

The game was inspired by one of Lavazza Foundation’s many projects, working in this specific case with Cesvi to support native communities in the reforestation of the Peruvian Amazon, in Tambopata province in the Madre de Dios region.

Lavazza Arena is a virtual world to discover and explore, completely different from an ordinary soccer field. Players enter and find themselves on a completely ‘clean’ field. Once there, they can start participating in the various areas in the Arena: the more matches they play, the more the game map fills up again with green spaces, nature and trees.

Players can compete on the field or simply have fun in the Practice Area, where various practice drills will put their skills to the test. 

Alternatively, they can spend time in the Lavazza Cafè or in the Learning Area, where they can find out about deforestation issues. Amazon-specific skins and power-ups are also available to personalize your avatar.

The initiative grew out of an idea by We Are Social, which provided the strategy, creativity and production. The game was developed by Dubit