LibreScan Launches Self-Hosted Decentralized Blockchain Explorer

The QAN Private Blockchain explorer already uses LibreScan

LibreScan, one of the first multi-chain Decentralized Blockchain Explorers (DBE), has publicly launched, where users can anonymously self- host LibreScan for tracking Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or any EVM-compatible blockchains on their own devices.

LibreScan is a decentralized open-source blockchain explorer that can be used for any blockchain in the future and aims to eliminate censorship risk, privacy violations, and centralization.

The foundation of blockchain technology is decentralization. Centralized blockchain explorers are centralized points of access to blockchain data. Centralized blockchain explorers monitor their users, linking their wallets to IP addresses, and represent a critical point of failure.

LibreScan offers a solution that enables users to run their self-hosted blockchain explorers while maintaining anonymity. Using a self-hosted blockchain explorer also provides users with 24/7 access to a graphical blockchain explorer interface if major blockchain explorers become unavailable for any reason.

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The developer community is encouraged to contribute to this open- source project by connecting their preferred Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchains to LibreScan.

LibreScan was founded by QANplatform, which has recently launched the world’s first private blockchain that is both quantum-resistant and compatible with Ethereum’s EVM, while also enabling developers to code smart contracts in any programming language.

The QAN Private Blockchain explorer already uses LibreScan.