Method Man and Snoop Dogg

Method Man and Snoop Dogg Release New Music and Digital Artwork from Tical Universe

Snoop Dogg is joining Method Man in the Tical Universe to Bring Legendary Hip Hop Flow to the Flow Blockchain Exclusively on TuneGO

Method Man and Snoop Dogg are set to release a remix of the original Method Man song entitled New Old School Remix f. Snoop Dogg, alongside original artwork from the Tical Universe as digital hip hop collectibles exclusively on TuneGO. 

Tical Universe collectibles will be available on the TuneGO Web3 Marketplace where collectors can buy, sell, and trade within the TuneGO community.

Fans and collectors will have the opportunity to own common, rare, and legendary New Old School Remix f. Snoop Dogg hip hop collectibles on September 30, 2022, with the additional opportunity to unlock original rare artwork from an esteemed collaboration of Tical Universe artists, including Alex Smetsky, Alex Sinyuts, Tom Velez, and Managing Partner Joey Crespo. 

Smetsky and Sinyuts previously combined their talents to bring fresh original animated artwork and cover art to the Method Man Tical Universe drop last year, which included five original and exclusive animated comic characters. 

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Snoop Dogg has now joined the Tical Universe and will be featured alongside Method Man in upcoming interactive comics released as digital collectibles in the future.

Fans will have the opportunity to win exclusive Method Man and Snoop Dogg collectibles before the September 30, 2022, drop date, by registering for free at

In addition to offering exclusive collectibles, community members will also have an opportunity to unlock perks and rewards, plus earn VIP priority access to future drops and surprise announcements. 

“TuneGO is thrilled to be partnering with Method Man and the Tical Universe team, alongside Snoop Dogg, as we continue to empower the creative community with TuneGO’s patented technology solutions,” said John Kohl, CEO of TuneGO.

“At TuneGO, we are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to bridge the gap between creators and consumers using the untapped power of Web3,” said Kohl. 

TuneGO operates on the Flow blockchain, the home of NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY and UFC Strike. 

TuneGO’s patented platform creates a technology gateway between the creative ecosystem and fans, collectors, and consumers, and is bolstered by the ease-of-use and no gas fees of the eco-friendly Flow blockchain.