Novelsys Ampere Hits Kickstarter Goal of $60,000 in Under 24 Hours

Novelsys Ampere reinvents the mobile charging experience, providing a seamless, intuitive and smart way to charge your smartphone on-the-go.

In just under 24 hours, Novelsys has managed to surpass their funding goal of $60,000 for their Kickstarter – Novelsys Ampere, the world’s first smart wireless charging phone sleeve- attracting over 210 backers to reach their funding goal.

“We are really overwhelmed and grateful for the strong support the community has shown for our product, pushing us to pass our funding goal. It’s been an amazing 24 hours,” says Mark Keong, Chief of Operations and product development at Novelsys.

Novelsys’s phone charger has attracted widespread attention in recent months with its affordable price and refreshing emphasis on design. Ampere is offered in a wide array of colors from blackest black, blushberry, brogue, and even a Kickstarter-exclusive carbon-fiber pattern called “Midnight Black”.

“Priced at just $79, it presents an incredible value proposition: amazing implementation of Qi-inductive wireless charging technology cleverly concealed within a 100% genuine cowhide leather sleeve, paired with the world’s first smart app that empowers users to control and monitor their charging experience,” explains Delane Foo, CDO.

“The community has definitely responded to the product and vision behind Ampere,” says Kenneth Lou, CEO. The launch event for Ampere- held in Singapore- attracted a turnout of over 200 people who collectively raised a staggering amount of $5200 in live Kickstarter pledges.

Novelsys is also making efforts to differentiate themselves from hardware crowdfunded projects that have failed to deliver products that lived up to the hype. After months of prototyping and lining up manufacturers, Ampere is also ready for production straight after the Kickstarter campaign, ensuring that Ampere would be delivered to backers by this August.

With their vision of powering the world, Novelsys is one company to watch in the charging industry.

Novelsys is a startup company founded in early 2014. The company is determined to create innovative solutions to power the world. More information on Novelsys can be found on