Payfoot Metaverse

Payfoot and Cosmic Wire to Release Fan-Focused Football Metaverse

The Payfoot Metaverse will be live for beta testing on the 30th of September

Payfoot has enlisted Cosmic Wire to help release their football Metaverse Ecosystem for both fans and clubs alike. The Payfoot Metaverse will be live for beta testing on the 30th of September.

This ultimate fan experience will also allow clubs to enter the metaverse and interact directly with their global fanbase of 4 billion people.

While in the Payfoot Metaverse, fans can participate in one-of-a-kind events, clubs, team experiences, and games amplified by deep social connections as they explore the islands of their favourite clubs in the Payfoot Ecosystem.

The stadium is more than a place to watch the game now, it is a way to live the sport. Payfoot is blazing a path into Web3 immersion by releasing their metaverse and blockchain-based solution for football clubs and fans.

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This is not only a new way for fans to come together as a whole to celebrate the sport they love, but a new way for clubs to enhance their community, business model, and reach.

In the Payfoot Metaverse:

  • Fans via their “avatar”, can meet other fans, develop friendships, share experiences, play games, and participate in events, while also gaining access to limited exclusive club offers and merchandise.
  • Clubs can scale their platform and grow their fan community by bringing their organization into the Metaverse. By harnessing Web3 technology, fans from around the globe will be able to interact in new and more meaningful ways with their club and stadium on a dedicated island. All will be able to interact through an integrated social network and fabric of a true living ecosystem.

The central island of the Metaverse ecosystem is the Payfoot Island, a futuristic and ecological island, which offers a series of attractions, games, and activities related to soccer.

Virtual football competitions and leagues will be created under the supervision of the Virtual Football Association chaired by Marco Villiger, ex-Vice President of FIFA, and with a strong involvement of the fans through governance tokens.

We share the same vision with the Cosmic Wire team: we strongly believe in digital tools to bring fans closer to their clubs and offer them new experiences. The creation of virtual stadiums will allow all fans around the world, who are not lucky enough to live nearby, to participate much more actively in the life of their club.

This is definitely the future, and we are proud to be leading the way, for soccer and tomorrow for other sports,” said Thibault Verbiest, co-founder of Payfoot.

Cosmic Wire builds experiences utilizing blockchain technology, and community building, including immersive and meaningful adventures.

The company’s complete ecosystem offers brands, celebrities, art, and IP collectors the ability to enhance, promote, sell, and license their work.

Cosmic Wire’s market advantage includes having a wholly internalized development, marketing, and sales team, allowing us to support clients from concept to close.

“Cosmic Wire is proud to empower and amplify Payfoot and their vision of what Web3 can be. We at Cosmic Wire are about the democratization of the space, and empowering creatives to help their visions come to life.

Payfoot has a vision, and we are excited to help them bring it to the world,” said Cosmic Wire CEO Jerad Finck.