Petaverse lets you creates Custom 3D Avatars of Real-Life Pets

Petaverse is set to launch its first NFT Collection this May.

Petaverse, a Pet Metaverse company launched by NFT and Metaverse Studio Cominted Labs, is set to launch its first NFT Collection this May.

The Genesis collection will include 1000 custom-created virtual pets. NFT owners will have the option to upload photos of their real-life pets to generate an identical digital avatar or “adopt” a pet based on one of Petaverse’s 3D animations and designs.

As part of its development plan, Petaverse recently received a grant from the Decentraland foundation to build the first virtual pet park in Decentraland.

Petaverse NFT holders will have early access to the Petaverse game, with the opportunity to win free wearables, showcase their animal friends, and more.

Petaverse Avatar

How the Petaverse works

On Petaverse, users can quickly adopt their very own “MetaPaw”. Pet lovers can either mint an NFT version of a real pet or adopt the pet of their dreams!

To create a MetaPaw:

  • Complete a form on Petaverse about a real-life pet (upload pictures of the front, back, 3/4, name, breed, size, etc.)
  • Mint the Petaverse pass NFT (pay with credit card or crypto)

Once completed, Petaverse 3D designers and animators will draw a custom NFT of a real-life pet.

This metaverse-themed pet project will include some added benefits for digitally-curious pet lovers. The NFTs consist of a 3D digital version of a real-life pet, with discount offers from pet brand partners and boosted rewards in the Petaverse game.

If you’re interested in minting a custom MetaPaw, you can apply for a Whitelist spot here.