Pillosophers Introduce the Metapill to the Ethereum Blockchain

Pillosophers is a crypto collection featuring 8,888 unique non-fungible tokens, each generated by blending thousands of unique traits with varying rarity

Pillosophers have entered the NFT scene with a different mindset and a crypto project that introduces a unique story-driven concept and is building a brand-new metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain, one crypto block at a time.

Pillosophers is the latest crypto project that has brought 8,888 Aliens, Visitors, and Humans, as well as the mysterious Unknown entities with traits so rare that they are yet to be divulged to the masses.

Deep lore and a unique storyline are some of the many elements that help Pillosophers stand out among the sea of emerging NFT projects:

“The Pillosophers’ journey started when they discovered the first pill, as known as the ‘Metapill’. There are three different pills and each pill has its own side effects.”

According to the project’s founder, “the pills could genetically modify your Pillosopher; it could turn them into anything, night demons, sinners, or even the fallen angels. There are three pills and all are limited, but some are ultra-limited.

So, only a few will get to experience what their Pillosopher turns into by taking different pills, who believe in the power of the pills and the beauty of the possibilities they could experience. But for now, they all have taken the Metapill, and are yet to experience the other two. So stay tuned for the side effects to kick in,” said the founder of Pillosophers.

The project’s mission is to provide unparalleled utility to its token holder. According to the Pillosophers’ spokesperson, the number one priority of the project is to create iconic artistic masterpieces:

“We know you are probably tired of reading under the “utilities” section of almost all the NFT projects out there promising they will come up with their unique physical merchandise, from streetwear to toys and accessories.

However, we believe, and probably you do too, that this is not an ideal utility for the community as they are the only ones paying for it. Thus, our priority is to design and distribute high-quality and ultra-limited masterpieces and collectibles by collaborating with talented artists within the community and potentially well-known brands to reward Pillosophers.”

The unique props, accessories, pets, followers, and clothing items that form the traits of Pillosophers are measured in thousands. When blended together by an advanced algorithm, a one-of-a-kind Pillosopher is born.

Some Pillosophers feature a hidden code embedded deeply into their digital DNA. Holders of certain rare Pillosophers will have an opportunity to gain exclusive access to unique utilities and rewards.

According to the project’s spokesperson, the ultimate goal of the Pillosophers project is to “eventually create a sustainable ecosystem around Pillosophers and build a sanctuary for every Pillosopher to hang out, relax, and share ideas, connect and come to support one another.”

This will be achieved with the Pillhub, which is to become the first Metaverse lounge open for all Pillosophers NFT holders:

“We aim to amplify our members’ experience in the Metaverse by leveraging the computer-generated environment with scenes and objects that appear to be real, making the user feel they are immersed in their surroundings.”

With physical merchandise being in the pipework, Pillosophers are gearing up towards building the Pillhub, expanding its community, and working towards developing 3D Pillosophers. This story-driven project looks forward to embracing new NFT artists, crypto enthusiasts, designers, and hobbyists into its Metaverse, offering a digital pill to transport the holders into an immersive world of the Pillosophers.