Radiant Galaxy

Radiant Galaxy Launches 3D Autochess on Blockchain

The company is progressing aggressively towards the blockchain gaming market

Radiant Galaxy has launched a tactical play-to-earn NFT game where players battle each other to earn money. The game modes are PVP and PVE and require strategic tactics to win the battles.

With many game modes, RADIANT GALAXY offers every player in its ecosystem a chance to play and earn. Radiant Galaxy was designed by Super Tech in 2018 and invested from all aspects from Super Game by a team of expert engineers from Vietnam.

In the last 5 years, the company along with its other games has managed to achieve a milestone of more than 300M+ downloads for its popular games such as Hero Rescue, How To Loot, Stick Clash among others.

Currently, the company is focusing on the blockchain industry and is presenting its first 3D NFT Tactics Royale game in the form of RADIANT GALAXY where players can earn $GAXY as reward.

RADIANT GALAXY vision is to provide a profitable, entertaining NFT game focused on mobile for optimum accessibility, the company’s vision has always been for the community to enjoy game and make money anywhere, any time.

3D Autochess

With metaverse technology quickly approaching, RADIANT GALAXY is on a mission to provide a virtual world where players can interact on a whole new level of online multiplayer game in which players form communities called planets, train troops, and attack other players to earn resources and have true ownership of all assets.

With a strong background in mobile game development teamed up with a crew of blockchain experts, the company is progressing aggressively towards the blockchain gaming market.

Talking about the mission of the company, the founder Nathan Nguyen states:

“The RADIANT GALAXY mission is to create a balanced and equal game ecosystem, where each factor contributes to building and enjoying a worthy return. RADIANT GALAXY won’t stop at only gaming, we are working and striving every day to bring the richest player experience and a competitive play to earn economic system.”

GAXY Token Information

GAXY token is BEP-20 token of Radiant Galaxy

Ticker: $GAXY

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $GAXY

Game Rewards- 32%

Eco System Growth- 20%

Others (Private and Public Sale, Marketing, Team, Reserve, etc)- 48%

How to Earn

  • Special Events organized by Radiant Galaxy which allows $GAXY and unique crypto collectibles (NFTs) to be earned.
  • Earning more $GAXY tokens by depositing $GAXY on the Radiant Galaxy Staking System.
  • Players have the opportunity to earn a big amount of GAXY Token for being one of the high-rank players in the Arena Mode.
  • Participating in the Marketplace will allow users to earn $GAXY.
  • Passive Income from Staking NFT which users are rewarded for having their NFT assets locked into the system.

You can Join this airdrop to win a reward up to 250,000 GAXY token