Reltime unveils Open APIs for Web3 Services

empowering Customers with a New Era of Digital Revolution

Reltime has launched its highly anticipated suite of Comprehensive APIs, designed to empower customers and partners with the tools to seamlessly integrate Reltime’s Web3 technology in their own applications.

These APIs will redefine the way customers and partners use the Web3 platform, financial and digital services.

Reltime’s APIs include wide ranging services, most notably,

  • Non-custodian wallet creation
  • User ID/PIN Management enhanced with biometric log-in
  • Account Management Tools (single & joint account, permissions handling)
  • e-KYC for efficient and secure user onboarding, compliant with regulation
  • Payment through wallets, mobile phone numbers, QR codes, and emails
  • Marketplace Interactions for P2P, B2C transfers, fostering borrowing and lending
  • Dashboard to help with compliance, reporting, transaction logs and analytics
  • Currency Handling for cryptos, digital fiats, bridging, swapping and conversions
  • Seamless Chain Integration with other Layer-1 blockchains
  • Key Management protocols for user private key recovery
Reltime APIs

“It is not about Web3 APIs – it is about our customers and enabling them to create winning ecosystems,” said Marlene Julo, CEO at Reltime.

“Our commitment remains unwavering: to empower customers with our Web3 platform, services and tools. We already have strong customer demand for our APIs and eager to further these discussions.”

This launch represents a significant milestone in Reltime‘s ongoing mission bring Web3 innovations closer to customers and partners.