REVA holds NFT crypto art exhibition offline

The exhibition invited some local digital artists, digital collectors and financial investors to participate.

REVA, a well-known digital art collection service platform, organized a large-scale offline NFT crypto art exhibition last month at its headquarters in San Francisco.

The exhibition invited some local digital artists, digital collectors and financial investors to participate.

Through the discussion of NFT crypto art, REVA tries to explore new artistic possibilities. It is reported that REVA organized this activity to promote the newly released NFT pledge deposit auction business and discuss cooperation matters with investors.

This is not the first time REVA has organized offline NFT digital collection activities. REVA is a comprehensive trading platform that focuses on the collection and auction of high-end NFT artworks.

At the beginning of its establishment in Silicon Valley in 2019, it focused on the research and development of blockchain technology, while focusing on the research and development and exploration of emerging technologies.

REVA has targeted its strategy at NFT’s high-end digital collections, and has organized exhibitions and auctions of crypto digital collections in New York, San Francisco and London for many times.

REVA’s pledge deposit auction business has established a broad circulation pool and valuation system. Its purpose is to solve the pain points of poor liquidity, difficult valuation and slow realization in NFT field.

Based on this characteristic of NFT collection, REVA has established a multi-chain comprehensive NFT trading platform.

In the 1.0 era, users can collect NFT artworks on the platform. The pledge auction business increases the financial attributes of NFT. Users can trade and pledge their NFT on the platform, or entrust the platform to auction.

Besides the pledge market and online auction business, REVA will soon launch the NFT creation and distribution function section, providing users with one-click casting technology of NFT, ensuring that users can easily and conveniently create and issue NFT assets, which can be regarded as a perfection of NFT2.0 stage.

REVA’s technical team gathered the best technical experts in various fields such as computer, information security, communication, mathematics, finance, web development and high-frequency algorithm trading, which provided the platform with safe and stable technical support.

In addition, REVA has also built an authoritative financial team in many fields, including digital art appreciation experts, blockchain technology experts, NFT technology experts, financial analysis experts, Viking top financiers, senior auctioneers of UK EARL INTERNATIONAL AUCTION, artists, etc., to provide reliable valuation and security for users’ transactions.