Rogers extends ROAM LIKE HOME to over 35 countries in Europe

Canadian carrier, Rogers Communications, has extended its popular ROAM LIKE HOME offer to over 35 countries in Europe. Starting April 15, Rogers customers can talk, text, send emails, share photos and surf in more than 35 European countries for a flat fee of $10/day with ROAM LIKE HOME on their Share Everything plans.

“Canadians used to be afraid to use their devices when travelling – it was just too complicated and they were worried about their bills. Six months ago we fixed this with a unique technology called ROAM LIKE HOME and over a million of our customers are enrolled to use it. They are now using their phone in the U.S. just like they would at home,” said Guy Laurence, President and Chief Executive Officer, Rogers Communications.

“Given how much customers love ROAM LIKE HOME in the U.S. it made sense to expand it so now our customers can use it in over 35 European countries.”

According to a recent survey, 60 per cent of Canadians aren’t using their phones like they do at home when they travel to Europe. Nearly six million Canadians plan on visiting Europe in the next year. Nine out of 10 Canadians said if cost and confusion around roaming were not an issue, they would use their mobiles and tablets just like they do at home – to keep in touch with friends and family (84 per cent), email (82 per cent), look at maps and directions (76 per cent), check the weather (68 per cent), find local restaurants and attractions (66 per cent), and share pictures (57 per cent).

Customers travelling to Europe will pay only $10 per day when roaming within an eligible country and only be charged for a maximum of 10 days on each monthly bill or a maximum of $100. They will have access to the data and the unlimited talk and text included in their Share Everything plan. Calls and texts to local numbers in the country they’re visiting or back to Canada are included and no long distance charges will apply for those calls.

Share Everything customers already enrolled in ROAM LIKE HOME U.S. don’t have to do anything to use it in Europe. They can simply start using their devices while travelling to Europe and will enjoy the new flat fee roaming rate of $10 per day. The flat fee roaming rate when travelling to the U.S. will remain $5 per day.

Existing Share Everything customers, including small businesses, can enroll by texting “travel” to 222 for free before they leave or once they’ve landed in the U.S. or eligible European countries. New Share Everything customers will be automatically enrolled so they can immediately take advantage of this technology, and can opt out at any time.