SAP Simplifies Enterprise Mobility with SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Services

SAP Helps Enterprises Securely Develop Mobile Apps with Improved Integration, Ease of Deployment and Tighter Security

SAP today announced availability of SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services, the foundation of SAP’s mobile app development strategy and the next step in delivering mobile innovations in the cloud. SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services are designed to drive mobile business innovation with simplicity by connecting people, devices and business networks using SAP’s unique end-to-end capabilities covering the development, staging and secure deployment of mobile apps.

This platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering will also help accelerate the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data with mobile business.

“It’s critical for our broad ecosystem of customers and partners to simplify their mobile business and easily create omnichannel, context-aware mobile applications in the cloud,” said Rick Costanzo, executive vice president and general manager of Telecommunication Solutions and Mobility Solutions, SAP.

“SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services mark a major milestone in our mobile strategy. This is not only the way forward for companies to transform their mobile business but also the bridge between rapidly changing technology and fast-moving market trends such as the networked economy, augmented reality and the Internet of Things.”

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SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services help customers build and deploy native and hybrid mobile apps that integrate securely with on-premise or cloud-based systems. New features such as optimized data synchronization for native and hybrid apps and an expanded push notification application programming interface (API) enable delivery of apps that engage users. The new administrative user interface is consistent with the look and feel of the SAP Fiori® user experience, keeping administrative tasks simple and efficient.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services are also fully interoperable with the cloud-based SAP® Mobile Secure portfolio to provide management and security options at the device, content and app level. Additionally, one-click deployment from mobile services to the SAP Mobile Place tool offers quick, easy discovery, downloading and provisioning of apps on both managed and unmanaged devices, similar to commercial app stores.

The latest release of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0, SP06, shares the same new optimized data synchronization capabilities for app development as SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services and adds additional enhancements such as support for new authentication protocols and high-availability clustering support.
Fast App Development

The latest release of the SAP Mobile Platform software development kit (SDK) includes a harmonized API to help simplify development of online and offline applications, enabling developers to be more productive. Device support is now included for new device operating systems such as the recently released iOS 8. SAP Web IDE provides a Web-based development environment that helps users build and extend applications easily with SAP Fiori, using SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

The SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development enables partners to capitalize on the business opportunity to build and commercialize standard software applications on SAP platforms. Using SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services, partners can build innovative mobile apps for deployment as self-sufficient cloud-based services, as well as in on-premise environments based on SAP Mobile Platform. Partners such as Innovapptive are ready to offer mobile apps from the cloud using SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services.