Swello Creates Passive Income Opportunities for DeFi Investors

Unlike traditional financial investments, investors can lock in a rate of return that is potentially much higher than the rates that are offered from banks, indexes, or bonds in the traditional financial markets.

Swello, a DeFi 2.0 High APY protocol, brings new income generation tools to the global markets, giving investors the ability to earn an APY of 146,848%. At the moment, most fixed income investments have an APY of less than 8%.

Unlike traditional financial investments, investors can lock in a rate of return that is potentially much higher than the rates that are offered from banks, indexes, or bonds in the traditional financial markets.

Swello: Profitable Staking Made Simple

Compounding has been one of the most profitable ways to earn high returns in the global markets over the past few years. Swello gives investors the high returns that compounding and crypto staking creates, without any of the technical barriers that some investors find intimidating.

Here are some of the advantages that Swello offers investors:

Ultra low fees: One area of DeFi that can eat up potential profits is buying and selling taxes. Swello overcomes this hindrance by offering investors rock-bottom taxes.

Fast payments: Waiting for payments from rebases is a thing of the past with Swello. Instead of waiting days, or even hours, Swello pays out rewards every 15 minutes. As the payouts accumulate, further gains are amplified at a rate of 96 times per day.

Automatic rewards: Staking made simple with Swello. With the system designed by Swello, all investors need to do is buy the token, and start earning. No need to connect to 3rd party apps, click extra buttons, or open new wallets as soon as you purchase the coin, compounding begins. 

So simple: Swello is simple to understand. The holdings, rewards, and APY for every investor are laid out on a single dashboard interface, and making transactions can be done with the press of a button.

How Does Swello Create a 146,848%+ APY?

By taking advantage of the wide array of DeFi staking opportunities, Swello is able to employ capital via the open markets. With these advanced tools, Swello token holders may be able to around 2%, per day, in interest. To put this in perspective, most government bonds yield around 3% in APY, per year.


Swello is offering a high sustainable APY of 146,848%. The APY is backed by an intricate support system including Swello Safety Fund (SSF), Swello Automated Trust (SAT), and Swello Treasury.

Included in this, the SSF is to ensure that token holders receive a reward every 15 minutes. The SSF includes its own wallet that gets funds from buy and sell trades. The SSF also reduces risk to token holders as well as creates sustainability for the long-term growth of the protocol.

Note that 5% of all buy and sell trade fees go to the SSF which helps to scale the SSF with the growth of the community as well as continue to support the longevity of being able to protect the high APY offered.

In addition to the SSF, an anti-manipulation system is also built into the SAT. The SAT protects the Swello community from price manipulation with reliable algorithms. In particular the SAT prevents whales from dumping large amounts of tokens into markets.

The SAT is one of the key systems which serves to further stabilize Swello and ensure the longevity of the project. There’s an automated system used to burn tokens, produce funds for the treasury, and donate to the community.

The Swello Treasury was created to aid the SSF and SAT to stabilize Swello in case that the two needed support. Moreover, Treasury is also used to support protocol development, pay the team, initiate marketing campaigns, and more.

As a part of the Swello system, the Swello Automated LP (SALP) is Swello’s Liquidity Pool that auto-converts 50% of $SWLO into BNB every 48 hours. While other crypto protocols have a high slippage threshold which robs investors of funds, the SALP significantly reduces slippage.

How to Buy $SWLO: The SwelloToken

Users can buy Swello tokens on Pancake Swap. However, it will require taking a few steps before converting other currencies into Swello tokens.

$SWLO is a token on the Swello protocol, which is also a BNB token. Therefore, buyers will need to purchase or swap for BNB before you swap for $SWLO.

To buy $SWLO, first of all, users need to create a wallet and purchase BNB. Then, link the wallet to the exchange where you can swap your BNB to $SWLO.