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The Sandbox and MK2 bring cinema to the Metaverse

Virtual gaming platform The Sandbox partners with French art-house film company MK2 to bring cinema into the Metaverse

The Sandbox has teamed up with French art-house film company MK2 to bring cinema into the Metaverse, with new film-oriented experiences set on MK2’s LAND in The Sandbox, named “mk2 Park”.

The mk2 Park will function as a cinematic carnival experience, with an open-air cinema set among the clouds above a giant carousel. The multiplayer social hub will also be populated with film-themed mini games, rides, and iconic film references.

The goal is to provide film lovers with a place to play, experience, and socialize around a love of cinema in all its aspects — including the idea of a movie house as a beloved meeting spot.

“We envision the metaverse as a gathering place of diverse entertainment and culture, and it’s a pleasure to welcome MK2 as our first art-house film partner,” said Sebastien Borget, COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. 

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“Together, we plan to create an entertainment destination for cinema lovers to enjoy together in the metaverse.”

MK2 is known for creating, preserving, distributing, and exhibiting new and classic films in France and around the world. Its collection includes films by Charles Chaplin, François Truffaut, Abbas Kiarostami, David Lynch, Gus Van Sant, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, and many others.

Noteworthy in world art-house cinema, both in supporting films and creating innovative movie theatres, MK2 promotes quality filmmaking, multi-faceted vibrant hubs, and creative discovery.

Designed as living and creative discoveries places, MK2 cinemas include meeting spaces and discussion areas.

“We have always promoted another idea of cinema, as a universal art open to all audiences,” said Elisha Karmitz, CEO of MK2. 

“Bringing our vision into the metaverse with The Sandbox through a unique experience that celebrates cinema, is an extraordinary opportunity to gather film lovers from around the world in a new space for creation and discoveries.”