ViralUp Web3 Mobile App lets you Share-To-Earn and Watch-To-Earn

ViralUp is the first Share-To-Earn and Watch-To-Earn WEB3 Mobile Application into SocialVerse

ViralUp is the FIRST Share-To-Earn and Watch-To-Earn Web3 Mobile Application that combines DeFi and NFTs into Crypto SocialVerse.

The ViralUp project was born as a natural evolution of the already existing and operational Share2Earn project, which for more than two years has been providing services for the management and development of social media for over 200 companies and over 500 social media influencers. 

The main advantage that the new project offers is represented by the new business model that, thanks to the use of the Blockchain technology and of the $VIRAL Token, will allow to create a real and functional SocialVerse in which the users will be rewarded with $VIRAL for their activity. 

In addition, the use of NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) will allow users to collect, buy, sell and exchange digital assets in a completely secure and decentralized way.

All the rewards are managed by the ViralUp Ecosystem and they are available in the form of VIRAL tokens, which are the native tokens of the ViralUp application.

The ViralUp application is the first social application of its kind to offer users the opportunity to earn rewards in both ways, by sharing and watching videos.

ViralUp App

ViralUp Benefits

ViralUp supports a 2 type ecosystem:

  1. Content Creators can post their videos, blogs or photos and share it with their social media followers while earning $VIRAL rewards.  
  2. Viewers can view, comment and like the content while earning $VIRAL rewards. 

The ViralUp dual-algorythm tracks the number of views and interactions (likes, comments, shares) a piece of content receives. The more engagement a piece of content gets, the more rewards the content creator receives. This creates a virtuous circle where good content is rewarded and poor content is penalized, ensuring that only the best content rises to the top.

In the same way it tracks the $VIRAL rewards that Viewers earn for watching and engaging with advertisements. The Wallet Tracker allows Advertisers to see which Viewers are engaging with their advertisements and rewarding them accordingly.

With ViralUp, Content Creators and Viewers are all able to earn $VIRAL rewards for their contributions to the SocialVerse.

The ViralUp app offers a number of benefits for users, including the ability to earn $VIRAL tokens, the option to purchase items with those tokens, and the chance to level up and increase their earnings. The level-up system that rewards users for sharing and viewing popular content.

The more views a user’s content receives or makes, the higher their level will be. Higher levels come with increased earnings, so users are encouraged to participate actively with the entire community.

The $VIRAL token is the native cryptocurrency of the ViralUp app. It is used to reward users for creating popular content and can be used to purchase items in the app’s NFT market.

The ViralUp project offers a new and innovative way to approach social media and allows users to be rewarded for their participation. The use of blockchain technology and the VIRAL token create a transparent and secure system that will allow users to collect, buy, sell and exchange digital assets. 

Each user who will use the app, will be able to accumulate in their account:

  • VIEWS, for each video that he shares and that will be viewed by other people
  • MINUTES, for each video that he will view (his own videos will not be counted)

The Buy / Sell fees generated on the weekly volume will be accumulated within the Reward Wallet. Each week the collected $ VIRAL Tokens will be divided among all the users who, in that week, will have generated Views or Minutes.

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