WalkSphere launching “ShoeBox” NFT and Token Sale Rounds for “Walk-to-Earn” App

The system uses a pure GameFi approach to encourage physical activity among its users

WalkSphere, a program that encourages individuals to get out and walk regularly, is launching two significant events for its crypto project, namely, new “ShoeBox” NFTs and the WALKX token.

WalkSphere has developed a decentralized platform for folks who wish to burn calories and love cryptocurrencies. 

Recently, WalkSphere enthusiastically informed the market about its intention to complete two new milestones:

  • NFT sale: The first digital shoes will soon be available. These NFTs will allow users to participate in the Walk-to-Earn model of the project. 
  • Token sale: WALKX will go live on the BNB Chain with a total supply of 1 billion tokens. WalkSphere will allocate WALKX to private and public sale rounds (50, marketing (10%), staking (10%), and DEX liquidity (30%).

After releasing its app on the Play Store, the team is close to launching its system on iOS devices.

A New GameFi Experience

Those wishing to understand how the GameFi ecosystem of WalkSphere works must take into consideration its three pillars:

  • Walking: Users can earn rewards by simply walking during their daily routine. 
  • Running: Alternatively, those looking for higher rewards can join the runner program. 
  • Hiring: The app allows users to hire other walkers/runners to share the final reward at a 20/80 ratio. The cost for hiring a runner is 1,000 WALKX.

In order to distribute rewards, WalkSphere will introduce the KCAL token. KCAL will have a predominant role in the app, as it will serve as a daily and weekly reward.

Treasure mode is a weekly and monthly event for players to participate in that offers a treasure chest. This feature will enable users to gain random prizes as they do their physical activities.

Different digital sneakers will give different levels of rewards. Specifically, the team mentioned four features among those contributing to calculating a prize:

  • Sneaker type
  • Sneaker rarity
  • Sneaker durability
  • User speed

The project has also introduced a social component in its innovative ecosystem. Anyone can join and add new friends or even challenge them. The developers also worked on a level-based mechanism to encourage the competitive spirit of walkers and runners.

The team also explained its plans to introduce an internal NFT marketplace to let users trade digital sneakers.

In order to assist individuals in enhancing their lifestyles, the team wants to create a robust ecosystem of resources. WalkSphere is working on a user-friendly method that does not require any crypto or NFT expertise.