ZUNAVERSE and MetaSetGO to Bring Next-Level NFT and Mobile Gaming Innovation

ZUNAVERSE and MetaSetGO have joined forces to revolutionize the world of NFTs and mobile gaming, offering a unique and exciting experience for Crypto, NFT, and Play2Earn Gaming enthusiasts.

ZUNAVERSE, a full-stack NFT marketplace built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has teamed up with MetaSetGO, an up-and-coming mobile gaming platform and Metaverse business, to offer a fresh and innovative experience for Crypto, NFT, and Play2Earn Gaming enthusiasts.

MetaSetGO has exclusively chosen ZUNAVERSE as their NFT marketplace partner, citing the platform’s unique systems and its strong community members.

ZUNAVERSE and MetaSetGO are united in their quest to find additional BSC projects that will be complimentary to all, creating an even stronger collaboration to build a better future on Binance.

Future partnerships will enable BSC projects to integrate their token into ZUNAVERSE, allowing holders to trade NFTs with their native token, providing the newly partnered communities with near-instant utility.

There will be even more opportunities upon the release of MetaSetGO’s Metaverse. This strategic move is set to create new opportunities in the industry, and ZUNAVERSE and MetaSetGO are excited to be at the forefront of these changes.

Exciting Innovations on the Horizon

In addition to the RumbleGO mobile game, which is set to launch soon, MetaSetGO is developing its Metaverse, featuring tropical islands, celebrity concerts, and luxurious villas and mansions, set to release in the coming months.

ZUNAVERSE says it is proud to be a part of this upcoming venture and will provide unique NFT offerings within the Metaverse.

ZUNAVERSE’s major UI/UX upgrade and AI NFT CREATOR suite are set to be launched soon. This AI NFT Creator suite will allow users to create their unique NFTs easily.

Rumble Cards – A Play2Earn NFT Collection

MetaSetGO has recently released the very first Rumble Cards NFT Collection, which comprises 2700 in-game NFT characters that players will use to battle friends inside RumbleGO in obstacle course styled gameplay – blending Play2Earn and player versus player. These limited edition in-game characters are being sold exclusively on ZUNAVERSE.io.

As of writing, only a handful remain up for grabs, with a floor of $10 – $50 in BUSD.

The teams at ZUNAVERSE and MetaSetGO share similar core values and long-term goals of providing opportunities and fostering innovation for their holders. The unique and exciting experience that this partnership offers is set to shake up the world of NFTs and mobile gaming.

So, whether you’re an NFT, Crypto, or Play2Earn Gaming enthusiast, join the conversation and let us know what you find most exciting about this partnership and which upcoming project you’re most looking forward to.