AtomicHub and Meta Carbon to Bring Carbon Offsets to NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace AtomicHub has partnered with Meta Carbon to pioneer sustainability in the Web3 space by introducing NFTs that contribute to curbing carbon emissions.

AtomicHub’s sustainability offerings will be powered by Meta Carbon, a technology company which helps brands engage their audience on the topic of climate change by making the process of carbon offsetting for individuals and corporations fun, engaging and transparent by utilising blockchain, NFTs and Web3.

This partnership enables AtomicHub to leverage Meta Carbon’s APIs, allowing for carbon offsets via the introduction of two NFT types.

The first type are a collection of ‘soulbound’ NFTs on the WAX blockchain. Soulbound NFTs are non-transferable and represent a transparent carbon offset, using retirement receipts from StandForTrees.

Soulbound NFTs are unique as they help prevent fraud in Web3 carbon markets by locking the environmental beneficiary to one entity which matches with the Verra Carbon Registry, ensuring they cannot be traded or re-used in any way that implies any additional environmental benefits.

The second type are ‘Merch NFTs,’ which are fun, tradable tokens that enable owners to be part of a loyalty program that represents their commitment to addressing climate change.

These enable AtomicHub to issue tradable badges of honour for climate heroes and to also participate in a serious way with the carbon markets, supplying badly needed financial resources to parts of the world suffering under climate change.

All traders on the AtomicHub platform will be given the opportunity to support carbon development projects around the world with every transaction.

This includes projects such as the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone, the Rimba Raya Orangutan Reserve in Indonesia, the Kariba Wildlife Corridor in Zimbabwe and the Mai Ndombe forests in the D.R. Congo.

AtomicHub is building upon its longstanding support for sustainability with Meta Carbon, assisting with the measurement and offsetting of their carbon footprint since the company’s inception.

“AtomicHub is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its operations, which is one of the reasons we work with others who share our commitment, including the WAX blockchain,” said Jona Wilmsmann, Co-Founder of AtomicHub,

“Meta Carbon’s ability to fractionalize carbon transactions down to one kilogram of carbon per 2.5 cents made it possible to expose carbon offsetting to a cost-conscious audience. We’re excited to work with Meta Carbon to push AtomicHub.io further into climate positive territory.”

Meta Carbon‘s co-founder Tom Herman says the partnership will help brands engage their audience on climate change using Web3 tools that build loyalty.

“We were thrilled to partner with AtomicHub,”

“Our mission is to make offsetting carbon fun and engaging, so users will want to participate, and there was no better platform to work with than the world’s busiest NFT Marketplace, AtomicHub!”