Life is but a dream

Avenged Sevenfold mints one million NFTs

One million NFTs for alternate reality game and “Life is But a Dream…” album

Avenged Sevenfold has minted one million NFTs for their alternate reality game (ARG) and “Life is But a Dream…” album announcement and single release.

The initiative included the airdrop of over 335,000 Ticketmaster digital collectibles and the creation of over 215,000 merchandise digital collectibles, which are all part of a unique rewards program for the band’s fanbase.

Avenged Sevenfold is using Berify’s authentication technology and Bitflips’ expertise as well as a collaboration with Ticketmaster.

Recognizing the potential for blockchain-based authentication and rewards, Lead Singer M. Shadows spearheaded the creation of The Deathbats Club, an NFT collection serving as the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based fan club that seamlessly integrates with the band’s established fan base. In total, the club has 10,000 memberships.

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Shadows’ inspiration for embracing blockchain technology stems from its potential to streamline the complex web of data streams in the music business.

“The technology provides a comprehensive scorecard for fan engagement, fostering a more connected and rewarding collective ecosystem,” Shadows says.

The collaboration with Bitflips, a tech team with a cybersecurity background, ensures the necessary protection and support for the band’s endeavors, while the integration of Berify’s technology allows them to authenticate and reward fans for various purchases, including SCUF video gaming controllers to concert tickets and tour merchandise.

Token-gated ticketing with Ticketmaster, which gives top fans exclusive access to the best tickets first and offers scannable merchandise for authentication, further showcases the band’s commitment to pioneering new fan experiences.

“Fans really just want experiences that allow them to be close to the artist, whether through meet and greets, pit concert tickets, access to intimate events and parties, signed merchandise, etc.,” Shadows says.

“The digital collectible rewards program as well as Berify’s golden ticket redemption program allows for those opportunities to be achieved.”