Confti 2.0

Confti 2.0 lets Anyone Create and Govern NFT DAOs

NFT projects and holders can empower their NFT through DAOs

Confti 2.0 has launched, with NFT DAO creation and NFT Part staking made officially available for everyone.

All DAO members who stake NFT Parts can get rewards and governance rights in NFT Vaults. In 1.0, Confti offered NFT crowdfunding and division tools, while the 2.0 version clearly focuses on DAOs.

The crowdfunding parties and NFT division are now available as NFT DAO tools where DAO creators and members can jointly decide on how and when to use them.

DAO is a new type of social organization that stimulates its members to participate in governance with incentives. It maximizes the role of collective force to promote the realization of goals. NFT DAOs are similar. They manage and develop NFTs and discover their overall value using this new organization type.

First, an NFT is stored in a collectively held DAO Vault. Then, acting like an individual or project, DAO members jointly promote the NFT, reach a broader consensus in the market and achieve globalization and branding easier.

Moreover, a DAO itself gathers many members, has global traffic of its own, and becomes a huge intangible asset itself. DAOs can cooperate with other DAOs or projects, e.g., perform asset barter.

To help NFT DAOs further increase the governance level and promote the asset appreciation, Confti 2.0 will continuously add more NFT tools for DAOs, including NFT issuance, trading, and sale of separate NFTs in Vaults, etc.

Confti is a decentralized NFT platform where users implement collective ownership and governance through DAOs.

They are powered by the NFT division, crowdfunding Parties, issuance, trading, and other derivative tools, opening blue-chip NFTs to all users, not just those with a high net worth. Now ordinary users can have NFTs of their own and a front-row seat to web3, too.