Hololoot launches AR native NFT Marketplace Beta

Platform for augmented reality (AR) NFTs, launches beta version of its AR native NFT marketplace

Hololoot, a platform for augmented reality (AR) NFTs, has launched the beta version of its AR native NFT marketplace. Currently, the app is live within the beta app, giving users a unique opportunity to explore and test its features. You only need to have a device with iOS 13 or above to take the app for a test drive.

The Hololoot AR NFT Marketplace is a platform for trading augmented reality NFTs using the project’s primary token, $HOL. While the participants may use other cryptocurrencies, the platform incentivizes them with discounts and membership rewards for using $HOL.

The first drop on the Hololoot AR NFT Marketplace will be Hololoot’s Crypto Zoo. The team has been working hard on a series of AR NFTs that will speak to the heart of any crypto enthusiast. The drops will begin with Etherhino on March 31, followed by four more drops spread out over April.  

The marketplace allows NFT communities to trade augmented reality digital collectibles with worldwide reach. Users can buy NFTs, view in AR, and access more features, which will soon be available.

Hololoot Public Beta Testing

Hololoot encourages users to engage with the app’s beta version via TestFlight and discover potential issues and bugs. The development team relies on the testers’ feedback to identify and solve possible flaws. In return, testers can access exciting reward opportunities for their work. 

The necessary steps for participating in the public testing are as follows: 

  1. Interested users can join the Hololoot Discord channel.
  2. Fill out a form, including their BSC wallet address.
  3. Download the Test flight app from the AppStore and join the beta via the link.
  4. Confirm everything works by sending a message on Hololoot’s test Discord channel. 

Hololoot says it designed this space for fellow testers to interact and discuss individual experiences on the app.

The team provided tutorial videos to help users understand the app’s features and navigate through its environment. In exchange for their public testing activity, Hololoot rewards users handsomely in its other proprietary token, $PIXEL.

Hololoot challenges testers to advanced tasks, which come with prizes of 1,000 $HOL. The two advanced contests engage users to make creative and funny videos about them testing the app.

Download on App Store

Version: 1.0.0
Updated: March 31, 2022
Category: Developer Tools
Requirements: iOS 13.0+
Price: Free
Developer: Apple
Contains Ads: No
In-App Purchases: No
Family Sharing: Yes

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