Payment methods for topping up of prepaid phone credit online

RechargeWhatever you need, it seems that nowadays everything is available online. This means that customers also need to pay online. For most people this is not a problem and it seems that online purchases are getting more popular by the day!

Paying online is getting easier. On webshops in most countries, the customers can choose out of several payment options for a reliable and secure checkout. This also applies to topping up your phone credit online.

The most common payment methods
When you top up your phone credit or that of your friends and family, it is possible to choose from several payment methods. The most common methods are payments using a creditcard or PayPal because these methods are available for most countries around the world. Another option you can often use is the Maestro Debit Card. This payment method is especially very popular in the United Kingdom. Over half of the UK payments are by debit card. However, depending on the country you are making the payment from, other payment methods could also be possible.

Do you want to pay for your phone credit or that of someone else from the Netherlands, Germany or Belgium? In these countries it is possible to pay via internetbanking. In the Netherlands you use iDeal, in Germany you can use Sofort or Giropay and in Belgium this option is called Mister Cash. With these methods you can make your payment in a reliable and safe way through your own trusted bank. This makes it easy to even top up the credit of family or friends who are staying abroad, for example in India.

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Top up your phone credit online on
Do you want to recharge phone credit online? On you can easily top up your phone credit or that of family and friends abroad! It is possible to recharge the credit of more than 300 providers in over 70 countries. You can order your credit and simply pay your order with *Maestro or one of the other payment methods.

* On you can only use Maestro as a payment method if you are in France or the UK.