Top Global Brands Ignore Vast Majority of Tweets Directed at Them

New Freshdesk Report Finds Nearly 80 percent of Customer Tweets Don’t Get a Response

Although the world’s top brands have a Twitter presence, they have a long way to go when it comes to engaging customers, according to a new report from Freshdesk, a leading provider of cloud-based customer support software.

An analysis of 100 companies from Interbrand’s 2014 list of top consumer brands revealed that the world’s most prominent companies only respond to 22 percent of tweets directed at their primary Twitter handles, including messages asking for help or support.

“When consumers reach out to their favorite brands on Twitter, they expect a response, especially if it’s a message asking for help or support,” said Jill Soley, vice president of marketing for Freshdesk.

“Companies that fail to respond to these messages are missing an opportunity to connect with their consumers and build brand loyalty. This analysis shows that the top global brands have a long way to go when it comes to supporting customers on social channels.”

Freshdesk analyzed the companies’ social channel response time over a one week period from Dec. 15 – 22 leading up to the holidays, a time when consumers frequently turn to Twitter to express frustration, ask for help or share a positive experience. Freshdesk analyzed tweets directed at the companies’ primary Twitter accounts or support handles.

Additional findings of the analysis include:

  • American Express and Samsung are the most responsive brands on Twitter, replying to nearly 100 percent of tweets directed at them
  • The top 100 brands averaged about 1,000 mentions a week
  • Only 37 percent of the top 100 brands have separate accounts to listen to problems and suggestions, an effective tactic for managing social channels
  • When brands did respond to tweets, it took six hours on average when directed to primary handles and three hours for specific customer support handles