Discarded Fishing Nets

Samsung Repurposes Discarded Fishing Nets for New Galaxy Devices

Material is made from repurposed ocean-bound fishing nets that were discarded into the ocean

Samsung has revealed that the new devices which are going to be launched on 9 February are the first batch of Galaxy products that contain repurposed plastics. Specifically, the material is made from repurposed ocean-bound fishing nets that were discarded into the ocean.

When you think of ‘ocean-bound plastic’,, you likely envision a water bottle or a grocery bag drifting on the ocean surface. What may not come to mind is a more hidden threat – the 640,000 tons of fishing nets that are abandoned and discarded every year.

These ‘ghost nets’ are responsible for trapping and entangling marine life, damaging coral reefs and natural habitats and even ending up in our food and water sources. These discarded fishing nets are disrupting the delicate balance of our environment at an alarming rate. Collecting and repurposing these nets are vital first steps in keeping our oceans clean as well as preserving the planet and our collective future.

Samsung has always pushed the boundaries of mobile technology, and the company is now looking to do the same with its sustainability practices. By giving new life to discarded fishing nets that would otherwise become dangerous waste, Samsung – through its creative solution – exemplifies how we can all do more with less to conserve our planet’s resources.

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Samsung says it is committed to addressing ocean plastic pollution in a way that will positively impact not only the environment but also the lives of all Galaxy users. This new technological advancement marks a notable achievement in the company’s journey to deliver tangible environmental actions and protect the planet for generations to come.