Android Release of AccuSpeechMobile Vastly Expands Scope of Voice Productivity for Mobile Enterprise Applications

Impressive Array of Voice Control Capabilities from Smartphones, Tablets and Ruggedized Devices Expands with Multi-Platform OS Voice Solution

AccuSpeechMobile, a Vangard Voice Systems company announced the release of the AccuSpeechMobile Android-Edition. The new multi-OS release of AccuSpeechMobile now exploits the powerful Android mobile OS platform to upgrade existing mobile workforce applications with an impressive array of high productivity voice controls and capabilities driven solely from smartphones, tablets and ruggedized devices optimizing mobile workforce productivity.

The AccuSpeechMobile Android release further expands mobile voice control of workforce applications wherever corporations need to respond faster to customer demand, reduce operational costs and contribute to profitability.

“The Android Edition of AccuSpeechMobile is in response to our enterprise customers deploying more sophisticated, high productivity mobile workforce applications beyond the warehouse to the ‘last mile’ of the business cycle – while at the same benefiting from the substantial cost efficiencies of mobility,” said Bob Bova, president and CEO of AccuSpeechMobile,“

As next generation mobile strategies emerge, AccuSpeechMobile is ready to provide our customers the choice to deploy unparalleled workforce voice productivity from a variety of OS and mobile device platforms, helping them accelerate workforce productivity and improve their customer’s experience and satisfaction.”

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With the rise of enterprise mobility, OS innovations and the power and diversity of mobile device platforms, AccuSpeechMobile has exploited mobility to deploy workforce voice productivity regardless of where the mobile workforce is deployed, the type of mobile application in use, or choice of mobile device. AccuSpeechMobile, proven by “Top Fortune Class companies, is a voice solution that delivers all the voice controls needed for existing mobile applications solely from the mobile OS and device chosen by the enterprise.

With AccuSpeechMobile, the mobilization of voice eliminates any dependency on costly, complex server-based integration and avoids changes to the customer’s custom-built or commercial mobile application. Wherever mobility leads the corporate mobile workforce – from the distribution center, transportation, fleet management, retail or field services – AccuSpeechMobile’s all- mobile architecture can voice-optimize the application creating a “workforce multiplier” that streamlines business processes and speeds the collection and processing of business information.

As with other supported operating systems, AccuSpeechMobile’s Android Edition deploys easily and scales without limits across vertical and horizontal mobile applications. It is uniquely designed to provide enterprise customers the control over where and how they deploy voice productivity.

AccusSpeechMobile’s “next gen” mobile voice client is deployable on a variety mobile device platforms running multiple OSs. The mobile client software is easily customized by customer’s using solution’s patented wizard-based voice-enabling console that tailors the mobile voice client to voice-support the target application. Together, the advanced mobilized voice solution allows customers to voice-enable their existing applications in as little as a few days, and implement voice changes to screens in as little as two hours.

Industry leading AccuSpeechMobile customers include RIGID Tools, Tootsie Roll Industries, Cabela’s Foremost Outfitters, QuikSilver and VF Corporation. Affordable pricing for AccuSpeechMobile Android Edition for warehouse, retail or field service applications is available by calling AccuSpeechMobile at 949-435-1001.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]