Firedrive Announces New Android and iOS Apps

Firedrive announces launch of its new Android and iOS apps, which provides users with CameraSync, allowing users to sync all media from their devices and view them in one place. For a limited time, users can sign up for the Pro account starting at $.99 per month for 50 GB of storage.

Firedrive, a free and secure cloud storage service, has released new Android and iOS apps, now available on the App Store and Google Play. In addition to 20 GB included with free accounts, for a limited time users can sign up for the Pro account, starting at just $.99 per month for 50 GB of storage.

Both of the new applications, for iOS and Android, come with Firedrive CameraSync, allowing all media to be synced to each device, so it can be viewed all in one place. Users won’t have to worry about switching to the device that the photos and videos were taken with and stored on. For example, an iPhone could be synced with an Android tablet so that all media would be accessible on both devices through the Firedrive app.

In addition to CameraSync, Firedrive also allows users to create, manage and invite friends or colleagues to private groups for easy collaboration, and even commenting on files. The ability to upload files of virtually any size using Firedrive, without the limitations imposed by most browser software, means users and groups can upload more, create more and share more. Easily view, share, rename, move and edit permissions of over 100 file types, directly from an iOS or Android device, including HD video.

“We are looking forward to our users exploring the new applications and finding value in sharing and backing up their rich media using Firedrive,” said Joseph Turner, CEO of Firedrive.

To learn more about Firedrive or to create an account at no cost, visit[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]