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Digital Markets Act
Apple is to remove the ability to install home screen web apps from iPhones and iPads in Europe when iOS 17.4 is released, saying it's too difficult to keep offering the feature under the European Union's new Digital Markets Act (DMA).
Voltreum has launched its blockchain-based energy platform, aiming to provide greater access to renewable and clean energy sources. The platform allows consumers, producers, and other stakeholders to exchange energy in a peer-to-peer manner using smart contracts.
Apple Music Products
Apple Music launched in 2015, with a catalogue of 30 million songs from artists worldwide, with over 20,000 singers and songwriters delivering new songs to Apple Music every day. Today, there are now 100 million songs on Apple Music.
Tiffany & Co. are to turn CryptoPunk NFTs into custom pendants for a mere $50,000 each. Dubbed NFTiff, customers can transform their CryptoPunk NFTs into their very own “bespoke pendant handcrafted by Tiffany & Co artisans.
QTopia AlphaVerse
French games, technology, and blockchain product developer Crypto Blockchain Industries (CBI), together with Crypto Meta (CM), are creating the first LGBTQ-focused Metaverse — Qtopia. Set for release in early 2023, Qtopia will offer a welcoming online space for its community within CBI’s Alphaverse.
Celebrity Cruises NFT
Celebrity Cruises is riding the wave of the future of art with its first foray into NFTs. In partnership with artist Rubem Robierb, Celebrity has launched the Peacemakers Sunset NFT collection, complementing Robierb’s powerful Peacemakers sculpture featured on its brand new ship, Celebrity Beyond.
Liberland Metaverse
UK architecture studio Zaha Hadid Architects has created a "cyber-urban" city in the metaverse where people can buy plots of land with cryptocurrency and enter digital buildings as an avatar.
5G Open Innovation Lab
Nokia has joined the 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) as a corporate sponsor. Nokia will work with other 5G OI Lab start-ups and partners to pave the way for enabling 5G-era solutions across industry verticals.