Fitcoin Mobile Fitness App Rewards users for Staying Fit

"Fitcoin" is a mobile application that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while staying on top of their daily exercises.

Fitcoin is a new mobile app that rewards users for participating in physical activities, earning money while burning off some extra calories.

Sedentism, poor eating habits, and fewer outdoor activities all have a negative impact on one’s health. On the contrary, many people find it difficult to exercise or burn off those extra calories. Many adults cite reasons such as a lack of motivation, finding it boring to go to the gym, a lack of time, and a slew of other flimsy explanations, all of which contribute to an increase in the obesity graph worldwide. 

Obesity affects not only adults but also a significant number of children, leading to a lot of chronic diseases. Another serious issue that is becoming more prevalent among young people as a result of a lack of physical activity is mental health issues.

To counteract this bleak scenario, an app called Fitcoin is making a name for itself by rewarding people for engaging in physical activities. “Fitcoin” is a mobile application that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while staying on top of their daily exercises.

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Fitcoin is a fitness app that allows users to earn cryptocurrency while staying in shape. Fitcoin’s creators, who aspire to build a healthier world for all, believe that in order to do so, rewarding people with an incentive to exercise can help them stay on track with their fitness goals. Especially at a time when the crypto sector is reaching new heights on a daily basis, the idea of rewarding people with cryptocurrencies for every step they take is exciting.

This is a very important mission for the C.E.O. Of Fitcoin, Andrew Shore.

“Fitcoin is much more than an app that rewards you for hitting your fitness goals. We are instilling positive habits and positive lifestyle changes through reward affirmation.”

It’s no surprise that the world is becoming more technologically interconnected than ever before.

The most common reason for a lack of physical activity is a lack of time. Workplace performance pressure is increasing, and because there is no direct incentive to be active, some see it as a waste of time. This is why Fitcoin is rewarding FITCOIN cryptocurrency in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Earn money for bettering your mental health, cardiovascular health, overall fitness, muscle joints, and posture. The neurological response to receiving a reward motivates one to complete their task with zeal. This is exactly what Fiction intends—increasing one’s motivation to exercise.

The mobile app tracks physical activity, such as walking, and converts it into rewards. Fitcoin is primarily intended to provide individuals with financial independence while also keeping them fit and healthy in one fell swoop.

The application must be downloaded onto a mobile phone from the app store. The app will then track a user’s physical activities, such as running, walking, or climbing stairs, and send rewards in the form of crypto currency (FITCOIN) to the user’s wallet.

How to get more rewards from the FITCOIN App

  • DAILY GOALS: Get paid to meet your daily step goal
  • CONTESTS: Challenge friends and bet Fitcoins in step contests
  • TRACKING: Track your runs and earn rewards for performance
  • REWARD: Reward your healthy diet with the caloric counter and lifestyle tracker (coming soon)

Fitcoin intends to form partnerships with existing health and fitness companies in order for Fitcoin to be accepted as payment.

Fitcoin will use the cash flow generated by its application to funding the acquisition of wellness-specific software companies. Fitcoin intends to expand its market presence by developing additional apps that reward users with coins for working out and staying healthy.

Fitcoin will have a token model with a governance token on Ethereum. $FIT: $FIT is a governance token and will launch first on the Ethereum network. The token will have no transaction fees. Through the pre-sale of $FIT the initial budget will be raised. Holders can stake $FIT to earn rewards.