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Web3 Gaming
Video games have long suffered the stigma of being a waste of time, according to countless complaining mothers the world over. They’re also addictive, socially isolating and can even pose health risks if taken to the extreme
EDNS Domains
Ether Domain Name Services (EDNS) has joined Huawei Cloud to innovate the Web3 ecosystem together and discover the capability of growing cloud-based solutions that are made on Web3 technologies to bring a revolution in the digital ecosystems.
Coinbase has secured regulatory approval by the Central Bank of Ireland to act as a virtual asset service provider (VASP), where the company’s operations in the country will be overseen by Cormac Dinan, a former employee of, Deloitte and Citigroup.
Decentralized financial technology platform Telcoin is expanding into the European market, giving the company the ability to offer both its self-custodial digital asset wallet and cryptocurrency exchange service to Europeans
Gamestop NFT Marketplace
ImmutableX has officially launched the GameStop NFT Marketplace which unlocks access to web3 games and millions of world-class, NFT gaming assets to tens of millions of GameStop players and GameStop Powerup Pro loyalty customers across the United States.
Autograph NFT Platform
The PGA TOUR and Web3 brand Autograph are to create a comprehensive "digital collectibles" NFT platform, revolutionizing golf fandom by allowing fans to celebrate their love of the game by owning a token of its storied history.
UNest, the family investing app that makes it easy for parents to build a brighter future for their kids, has launched UNest Crypto, becoming the industry’s first all-in-one financial solution for parents and kids to offer digital assets.
New alien-themed ecosystem Zoonies is to launch 8,888 NFTs on the Solana blockchain via OpenSea launchpad on July 20, 2022. Zoonies is partnering with OpenSea, as the very first project to debut their new launchpad experience. 
AMAZY NFT Sneakers
Crypto-based fitness project, AMAZY is to launch an IGO in partnership with the leading Seedify launchpad.
The former corporate secretary and director of corporate law at Apple today admitted engaging in an insider trading scheme that spanned five years, Attorney for the United States Vikas Khanna announced.