Remotely Support Android Devices from a Computer with ISL Light

ISL Online, an internationally acknowledged provider of remote control and web conferencing tools, has released ISL Light 2.0 for Android. The remote desktop app available for free on Google Play enables full remote control of Android phones and tablets and gives a supporter the ability to troubleshoot a mobile device from a computer as soon as the problems arise.

With the influx of consumer smartphones coming into business, the need to be able to provide support for employees who are using tablets and mobile phones rises. “ISL Light 2.0 for Android is an ideal application for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) work environment where support requests for Android devices come up daily. An IT professional can connect from his or her computer to one or more mobile devices in seconds and remotely manage the data, install enterprise applications or set up the device,” explains Jure Pompe, CEO at ISL Online. A short video demonstrates how mobile device support via ISL Light works.

ISL Light 2.0 for Android currently allows the support of Samsung mobile devices running Android 4.2.2 or later. ISL Online is already working on extending the mobile device support to other manufacturers’ phones and tablets.

Mobile device support is the newest functionality added to the ISL Light app, which is originally an application for ad-hoc supporting and accessing remote computers from mobile devices running on Android.

File sharing: share and access your files from anywhere
ISL Light 2.0 for Android includes another important new feature – file sharing. The feature that has long been included in the desktop version of ISL Online remote access allows users to share files on their computer with ISL AlwaysOn and access them from their Android phone or tablet without accessing the remote desktop. In this way the user can avoid uploading his/her files to the cloud, yet can still get to them fast and from anywhere. Under the newly added tab Files, the user can see the list of remote computers and download the selected shared files.

Better user experience with new graphical interface

“ISL Light Android 2.0 has been completely redesigned. Our goal was to optimise the new graphical user interface in order to offer our users an even better user experience,” said Damjan Mrkun, an ISL Online designer. Apart from a cleaner and more up-to-date design, the new layout makes it easier to navigate among the different services the app offers; remote access (Computers tab), remote support (Support tab) and the new feature – file sharing (Files tab).

Other new features included in ISL Light Android 2.0:

  •     Chat during a remote support session
  •     Option “Remember the password” for your remote computers
  •     Improved performance and better connection time

ISL Light Android 2.0 is available for free in Google Play Store. Users that have an old version already installed on their mobile device will need to remove the previous version and manually download the new one from the app store. An automatic update is not possible due to a certificates’ change.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]