Sony releases Xperia Z2 Background Defocus app in the Play Store

Sony has released its Background Defocus app, from the Xperia Z2, as a standalone app in the Play Store.

Background Defocus is, like Nokia’s Refocus, a single function application that allows users to take a photo and add a background blur. A feature currently in vogue, the HTC One enables this at the hardware level, capturing two photos simultaneously, while the Samsung Galaxy S5′s Selective Focus feature takes multiple photos to determine the placement of an object in space.

Recently, Google released a standalone Camera app for all Android devices running KitKat or above, featuring a similar technology called Lens Blur. While it appears that Sony’s Background Defocus app is a little more granular — you can adjust background blur on a sliding scale, rather than tapping on a part of the photo like in other apps.

Background Defocus will work with any Xperia device running Android 4.3 or higher.

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