Watch Movies and Earn with MovieX Decentralized DeFi Protocol

MovieX is built on Web 3.0 that rewards users with $MVX tokens for watching carefully selected, engrossing, and action-filled movies.

MovieX is a web 3.0-based project that pays users for watching movies and popular videos instead of charging them.

MovieX was founded to uplift the standard of living of common people by multiplying their income. The team behind this ultimate firm figured out a brilliant way to do this. That is to include earning opportunities in their daily life activities.

To achieve this end they laid the foundations of a firm that pays users merely for watching movies. 

The method of operation of the platform is pretty simple. Individuals need to buy $MVX, the official governing token of the firm for gaining entry. The amount of token that needs to be bought can be worth as low as $1. The next step is to transfer $MVX into one’s wallet and stake. 

Users have an opportunity of ameliorating their wealth each day by 3%. For this they just need to watch videos for a minimum of 2 hours. This 3% can be further subdivided into 1.5% from staking rewards and the other 1.5% from Watch2Earn rewards.

Available Videos

The genre of movies available on MovieX include Action, Fantasy, Musical, Comedy, Western, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sports, Science Fiction, Mystery, Adventure and Romance categories. All these have been filtered out from a heap of the most renowned movies worldwide.

They are available along with the ‘ connect wallet’ feature. When a user stakes their token, a smart contract initiates the process of authenticity and starts rewarding them for every movie-watching task they fulfil. 

A Minimal Service Fee

For any firm to thrive and to cover its developmental cost it is forced to impose a tax on transactions. MovieX places a tax of 4% on all transactions while the buy transactions remain free of any form of tax.

Staking rewards and all internal transactions also remain free of service fees. The tax collected is entirely given back to the community through the means of staking, rewards and giveaways.

The top 100 users who spent the longest time watching movies are showered with rewards from time to time. 

Marketing Strategy

MovieX employs adept individuals who have laid out a marketing strategy. First of all, the earning opportunity provided to the users begins with them having to buy $MVX tokens. This ensures that a constant buying pressure is maintained.

Moreover, the firm has harnessed the most renowned method of marketing, that is to share and earn. Individuals sharing this platform with friends and family members via sharing links may also benefit from great rewards.

This incentive is alone enough to allure an influx of people towards this innovative platform. This tool will also be utilized to establish firm relations with foremost crypto influencers and social media stars. 

Token Utility

The $MVX token can be divided into 3 basic categories. Firstly, 20% of the total supply of tokens will be allocated to maintain liquidity for the rewards. Moreover, 10% of the supply is also reserved for users who stake their tokens.

Staking involves the locking away of tokens. This will create a diminished supply of tokens, thus increasing its demand. The improvised demand will in turn help ameliorate the cost of the token. 

The firm believes in rewarding individuals who play a role in cementing the foundations of its platform. For this, it has allocated 5% of the supply to reward early investors and bug fixers. 


MovieX has carefully planned its Tokenomics to ensure the viability of its token. 20% of the token is reserved for the watch-2-Earn rewards and 10% for the marketing.