BlackBerry Beta Zone app gets an update, bringing notifications and discussion improvements

BlackBerry have released an update to their Beta Zone app, today, bring notification features and improvements in discussions.

What’s New:

  • Notifications – notifications implemented for new Programs, Downloads and Surverys
  • Discussion improvements – Infinite scrolling – more threads/posts will load below as you scroll, you can now eedit your own posts from the app, HUB notifications for new posts in categories/threads you have subscribed to

Notifications are something that the application has been lacking and you should now receive alerts when apps have an update available. In this version, BlackBerry will beating notification with BlackBerry beta programs to start with and the functionality will be extended to third party beta programs at a later date.

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To update, simply launch the Beta Zone app and you should be prompted to update the app. If you don’t have the app you can get it at BlackBerry World.

Get it at BlackBerry World
If you’re not not a member of the BlackBerry Beta Zone yet, you can sign up for a free BlackBerry Beta Zone account here.[signoff predefined=”Beta OS” icon=”icon-alert”][/signoff]