BlackBerry Express for BlackBerry 10 update now available

BlackBerry has released an update to BlackBerry Express for BlackBerry 10, taking the latest version to v1.1.0.112.

BlackBerry Express is a new way to create beautiful and efficient presentations on the fly. BlackBerry® Express is a presentation tool designed exclusively for mobile.

It manages the layout and formatting so you can spend more time on your message when time is of the essence. Whenever you want to discuss a topic or pitch an idea, BlackBerry Express helps you communicate clearly and efficiently. Say one thing at a time to your audience.

With BlackBerry Express you are completely mobile, from idea to presentation.

What’s new:

  • Powerful inline image editing now supported. Edits to an image can be made immediately without leaving BlackBerry Express.
  • Improved BlackBerry 10 integration. Easily search for a saved BlackBerry Express presentation and share it with other BlackBerry Express customers. Integrated with the BlackBerry 10 device file management system.
  • Now handles the ability to back-up, save, re-name and move BlackBerry Express presentations.
  • Update also includes minor bug fixes and improvements along with enhancements to the profile information page.

Get it at BlackBerry World

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