Create a BBM Channel Pin Badge for your BBM Channel

Alex Kinsella stated on his BBM Channel today that while he still worked at BlackBerry, he helped develop a widget for BBM Channels and that the widget is now available for use.

The widget lets BBM Channel owners create a BBM Channel Pin Badge to be used on a website or other medium that allows embedding HTML code

Generating your own BBM Channel PIN badgeis a simple process:

  1. Login to the BBM Channels Manager at here
  2. In top-right meta data you’ll see your name with a drop-down menu: select the widgets option
  3. Then click the ‘Create Channel PIN Badge’ text, which reveals another menu
  4. Enter the required options and click ‘generate script’
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You’ll then be provided a simple HTML code to be used and embedded on your own website.

The badge is quite nice but I would like to see it include the word Channels so that users clearly know it is a channel they are being asked to join, opposed to a BBM Group or BBM user. While a lot of users will recognise a Channel from the PIN format, many more won’t.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]