Hub Browser for BlackBerry 10 Receives Biggest Update Yet

Tundra Core Studios has released an update for the browser component application: Hub Browser. The application gives BlackBerry 10 users quick and easy access to the Internet from any application that they are in!

The native application has been getting improvements and updates every month since its initial release but the update adds the most features and fixes since the initial release.

Within the update, for Hub Browser, there have been quite a few improvements; these include:

  • Added in-app download manager
  • Added option, in settings, to select search provider
  • Added option, in settings, to show previous page
  • Added scrolling in the settings page
  • Added translation support for Chinese
  • Fixed bug causing Hub Browser to crash in some instances
  • Moved action items into settings
  • Updated French & German translations

As well as these new improvements, integration with two services (Qt Helex’s ‘BlackBullet’ and Sven Ziegler’s ‘ReadItNow!’) has been added.

The reason for integrating with these two services, and both of them integrating with Hub Browser, is to provide BlackBerry 10 users with more inter-connected applications and to also improve efficiency so you can share your favourite links directly to ‘BlackBullet’ and have them pushed to your other devices and if you find an article, you can save it for reading later by adding it to ‘ReadItNow!’.

Hub Browser is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is available to download on the BlackBerry World storefront for £0.75.

Get it at BlackBerry World