Aurora Mobile

Aurora Mobile Receives DSG Certification

CAICT’s Data Security Governance ("DSG") Certification first DSG standard in China

Aurora Mobile has passed the Data Security Governance (DSG) Evaluation and Certification of China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (“CAICT”) after strict assessment by CAICT and industry experts.

The Company received the DSG certification at CAICT’s Data Security Industry Summit & Trusted Privacy Computing Forum, which was held online for the first time on December 21, 2021.

This assessment is based on the group standard of DSG Capability Evaluation Method, which was jointly formulated by the Internet Society of China and more than 20 organizations. The group standard is the first DSG standard in China and aims to promote the healthy and high-quality development of DSG in China.

Based on this method of assessment, an enterprise’s DSG capabilities can be comprehensively, accurately and objectively measured, and at the same time, the standard provides methodology and operational guidelines for enterprises to build and improve their own DSG system.

With the development of the data intelligence market and the digital economy, improving an enterprise’s DSG capabilities becomes more important in this new environment as data security becomes more crucial for national security and economic and social development.

In order to promote the healthy and orderly development of the data security industry, CAICT cooperated with more than 30 enterprises to launch the Data Security Initiative (“DSI”) to carry out standard formulation, test and evaluation, industry information exchanges, special trainings and other professional enterprise services.

It aims to help enterprises establish and improve data security, and promote the implementation of the Data Security Law.

As a leading mobile developer service provider in China, Aurora Mobile has explored this field for more than a decade. The Company has always attached great importance to the development of its DSG capabilities and continues to strengthen its data security technology and provide high-quality services to secure customers’ data security.

With a focus on meeting the needs of developers, Aurora Mobile has launched a series of products, including push notifications, one-click verification, instant messaging, statistics and analytics, traffic monetization (“JG Alliance”), JG VaaS, JG UMS and other services, and continued to iterate and enrich its product offerings to help developers to improve operational efficiency, drive business growth and monetize services.

As of September 2021, Aurora Mobile provided software development kits (SDKs) to over 1.79 million apps with 55.4 billion SDK installations and reached a monthly active unique device base of 1.44 billion.