Breitling B55 Connected, a Smartwatch for Aviators

Breitling B55 ConnectedBreitling has announced the release of the B55 Connected. Aimed at keeping the chronograph the main focus, users will be able to utilize their smartphone to control the watch’s time setting/zones, alarms, display and operating options.

Various measurements, including flight times and more can also be uploaded from the watch to the user’s smartphone. The B55 Connected boasts a titanium case with black carbon-based coating and a dial adorned with a blue wireless symbol, a matching rubber strap, a back-light display, and a rechargeable battery system that allows the watch to be charged via the main grid or a USB port.

This isn’t a smartwatch in the same sense as the Android Wear packing Moto 360 or LG G Watch R, however.

Instead of offering call handling capabilities, wrist-based text and email notifications and all manner of other smart features, the B55 Connected takes a more streamlined approach to the connected watch market.

Syncing with the new Bretling mobile app, users of the Bluetooth connected device can alter the watch’s time, set alarms and share timings all via their handsets.

What the B55 Connected lacks in true smartwatch functionality, it more than makes up for in premium watch design.

Offering precise timekeeping, the watch, aimed at pilots, is built around the same thermocompensated superquartz chronograph movement as found in the company’s traditional B50 model.

Pricing and availability for Breitling’s new B55 Connected will most likely be revealed at next week’s Baselworld show in Switzerland, but don’t expect it to compete with Apple Watch on price either. The B55 will surely be as expensive as every other Breitling timepiece, because that’s part of the appeal.