Momentum Grows For Axiros in IoT and Device Management

axirosMomentum continues to grow for Axiros, a technology leader in device management, TR-069, and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs. Today the company announced further growth and product investment as demand accelerates for its device management and Internet of Things (IoT) products.

Interest in IoT is certainly a hot topic right now and there is a lot of interest in our solution, but device management is still driving a large portion of our business,” commented Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros.

“As we continue to invest in our technology to stay ahead of market needs, we further our globalization with new customers and partners in areas of the world previously untouched, and are delighted with the possibilities of how device management can change the way the Internet is consumed.

Following is a recap of the last six months of milestones and highlights for Axiros.

Premium IPTV in the UK

New Customers
Axiros has expanded its global presence with new customers and partners in Russia, APAC, USA and CALA, including:

  • MGTS
  • Linkem (for LTE)
  • VTR
  • BT
  • Iskon
  • Divider
  • XS4ALL
  • LMT
  • Wingo
  • Quickline
  • NOS

Corporate Growth

  • Axiros has strengthened its professional service team and customer support with a 12% growth worldwide, plus it continues to search for talent in all of its global offices
  • The company has operated for 14 years, or 56 quarters in row, with positive profitability
  • Revenue grew 32% outside of EMEA vs. the second half of 2013, and customer growth outside of EMEA grew 22% when compared to the second half of 2013
  • Axiros now has more than 173 paying customers worldwide, with more than 215 deployed productive solution platforms around the globe
  • 48% of the company’s total customers are outside of EMEA
  • Axiros expanded operations in Singapore: Since opening the office in 2013 with sales and presales support, it added professional services to round out its business offering in APAC


Industry Milestones

  • Broadband Forum: Contributed MQTT support to device data model
  • Broadband Forum: Actively involved with contributions to next generation management protocol and IoT control protocol (SF-069/SD-282)