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AnChain.AI Launches Crypto Investigation Certification Program

Crypto Investigation Certification Program For Security & Compliance Professionals

Blockchain security and risk monitoring solutions provider AnChain, has launched AnChain.AI University, its new professional certification program learning centre.

Trusted by leading government regulators, financial institutions, enterprises, and crypto businesses, AnChain.AI is now bringing its investigative expertise to industry professionals at all levels of cryptocurrency exposure. 

The curriculum builds upon a foundation established by the AnChain.AI team’s track record of Web3 security thought leadership and advocacy, including guest lectures and training sessions delivered to government regulators, policymakers, and top universities including Harvard and UC Berkeley.

By popular demand, AnChain.AI has even further expanded its training offerings, and is now delivering them to all professionals in the space.

AnChain.AI University launches in the wake of a wave of cryptocurrency hacks, further highlighting the criticality of proactive security hardening. The program debuts with two certification tracks:

Fundamentals of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Cryptoasset AML & Forensic Investigation, tailored to advance the skills of security researchers, investigators & compliance professionals, regardless of their prior experience with cryptocurrency.

Upon completion of each certification program, learners will receive a certification in the form of a Soulbound Token (SBT) reflecting their mastery of the material.

“As Web3 continues to drive innovation, the threat posed by bad actors escalates as well. The level of expertise required to manage risk and conduct due diligence is higher than ever before,” said Dr. Victor Fang, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI.

“We are committed to creating a safer and more transparent Web3 ecosystem, and providing both technology solutions as well as training is critical to this effort.”

Each certification program will leverage AnChain.AI’s expertise in Web3 security, cryptoasset investigation, blockchain forensics, providing a multitude of certification courses designed to prepare industry professionals for the myriad challenges presented by the digital asset ecosystem.

Curriculums have been designed with the latest and most critical blockchain security threats in mind, ensuring that all material closely reflects the day-to-day challenges faced in the field.

AnChain.AI University’s courses can be delivered both in-person and virtually, with additional certifications including Smart Contract Security arriving in late 2022

You can sign up here for early access to the self-paced training course.