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Bitcasino to Use Estonian ESTCube-2 Satellite to Send Bitcoin Into Space

ESTCube-2 is a small, high-tech satellite with a powerful onboard computer built by the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation

The world’s first licensed Bitcoin-led casino operator, Bitcasino, has partnered with ESTCube-2 to send one bitcoin to space in 2023, giving all its players the chance to be a part of this ground-breaking experience.

By playing all of their favorite games on the platform, Bitcasino is giving its players the chance of a lifetime to send their crypto assets to Earth’s outer orbit, becoming part of the satellite’s mission.

Everyone can join Bitcasino on this adventure, with the cryptocurrency set to orbit the Earth until the end of the satellite’s lifetime, when it will then help fund the next ESTCube science project.

The ESTCube Project

In essence, the ESTCube-2 is a small, high-tech satellite with a powerful onboard computer built by the Estonian Student Satellite Foundation to be completed in 2022 and is set to launch in the second half of the year.

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It will be carried to orbit aboard the brand new Vega-C rocket from the European Spaceport in French Guiana.

Although the main purpose of this project is to provide practical training in the development of space technology for undergraduate and graduate students, it also promises to send Bitcoin to orbit the Earth!

This makes it more special than traditional CubeSat missions that were sent previously. It tests innovative technologies that not only include space missions, but also cryptography to make it an intergalactic experience for crypto players at Bitcasino.

Aside from the crypto benefits of the launch, it also focuses on four innovative technologies such as:

  • Testing of plasma break technology in the Earth’s ionosphere. This will help to remove space debris from orbit, for example the satellites and rocket stages that have finished their mission.
  • Advanced testing of a fully integrated satellite on-board systems and a platform intended for deep-space missions, that includes a star tracker, reaction wheels, cold-gas propulsion and radio frequency rangingTesting of two Earth observation cameras that were developed by the Tartu Observatory. These cameras will operate at two different wavelengths to measure vegetation index of the Earth.
  • Testing of thin film anti-corrosion materials developed by a researcher from the University of Tartu.

Director of Bitcasino at Yolo Group, Tauri Tiitsaar, said: 

“Much like Bitcasino, these brilliant young scientists at Tartu University in Estonia are pushing the limits and want to disrupt the status quo. This resonates with what we at Bitcasino believe in and we want to support the next generation of engineers.

This is also a great chance to make history as we’re the first crypto casino to send a Bitcoin to space. We can’t wait to take our players along for the ride.”

ESTCube-2 Project Manager, Hans Teras, added: 

“We are very excited to partner with Bitcasno as it helps us promote exciting, novel, and inspiring space technology solutions by developing the satellite and bringing people’s attention to the importance of combating space debris.”

The ESTCube-2 satellite is being prepared for launch in the first half of 2023, from the European Spaceport in South America on board the Arianespace Vega-C rocket.