Business App Developers to Gain Access to Market of Hundreds of Thousands of UK and Irish SMEs

For mobile and web app developers that want to address UK small to medium enterprises, Suntico’s new API service will enable connectivity to the hundreds of thousands of companies that use Sage 50 Accounts.

With the new Sage 50 API from Suntico, developers will be able to connect their apps to the Sage 50 Accounts systems already in use by hundreds of thousands of small to medium sized UK and Irish companies. It will provide these businesses with a much greater choice of solutions for improved productivity while protecting their investment in their Sage accounting software.

“Today, more than 90% of new business software programs are software-as-a-service (SaaS) or mobile apps. This is where the innovation is happening in the developer community, yet more than 90% businesses today are still using on-premises accounting software,” says Hugh Johnson, SVP Business Development at Suntico.

“It is hard for developers to connect their SaaS apps to Sage 50 Accounts software installed on clients’ premises. Suntico’s API will make this easy. Developers will not need to worry about installing any client software or what version of Sage 50 the customer has. We will look after that. I am particularly looking for developers with compelling apps for CRM, e-commerce, warehousing & shipping, payments, scheduling and project management.”

This new API uses a JSON Web Token (JWT) to represent the items such as Accounts, Customers, Vendors, Employees, Payments, Receipts, Invoices, Orders and Products.

The API will be free to use for developers, but they will need to apply and be accepted into the program. The API will shortly be available in beta release to selected developers.

Interested developers can register their interest here.