EE launches Android tablet and a range of 4G mobile routers

EE has launched its own Android tablet and a range of new 4G mobile routers to keep you connected wherever you go.

Announced at a press conference in London earlier today, the Eagle is based on Huawei’s MediaPad M1 tablet, and offers an 8-inch screen with 800 x 1280 resolution, Android Jelly Bean, a 5-megapixel camera and a 1.6GHz, quad-core processor. EE says the Eagle is intended to compete against the iPad mini, but with a much lower price tag.

The Eagle will cost just £49.99 when bought with one of EE’s 24-month 4G tariffs priced from £15; for that you get 2GB of data each month. Alternatively, the Eagle will retail for £199.99 on EE’s pay-as-you-go 4G plans. EE will be selling the Eagle from 28 May.

EE products
Not content with bringing superfast 4G connection to our homes and offices, EE now wants to target our cars with the Buzzard, a 4G-connected Wi-Fi router which is powered by a car’s cigarette lighter and provides mobile internet for up to ten mobile devices at once. The router has no battery, so must be plugged in at all times. When not in use, the Buzzard’s circular packaging is designed to fit in your car’s cup holder.

In addition to the Buzzard, EE also announced two further 4G routers called the Kite and Osprey, with the former aimed at professionals and the latter intended for a younger audience.

The Buzzard, Kite and Osprey all cost £49.99 each on pay-as-you-go, or are free on contracts of £15 per month and over.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]