Banks Choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM To Enable Personalized Customer Experiences And Operational Efficiency

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is powering a customer-focused approach as banks around the world become digital information businesses.

Monday at the Sibos global banking event in Boston, Microsoft highlighted leading banking institutions that are modernizing their business operations and choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM to shift from transaction-based businesses to customer-centric businesses.

Wayne Morris, corporate vice president, marketing for Microsoft Dynamics, has seen this firsthand:

“To become customer-centric organizations, banks must first think from their customers’ perspectives. They need solutions that enable them to deliver amazing customer experiences while also safeguarding customer data and meeting complex regulatory requirements.”

Microsoft is also seeing a growing number of global system integrators building out financial-service-specific solutions on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to deliver industry-specific solutions tailored to the needs of banking organizations.

“With banks confronted by the realities of the new digital customer, we certainly see a large opportunity for the joint value of Avanade with Microsoft in the CRM space for banking,” said Ashish Kumar, chief growth, Avanade.

“With its extensible platform and security model, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is well suited for the banking industry. We’ve been able to help numerous banking organizations drive customer profitability and operational efficiency through our longstanding alliance. We continue to work closely with Microsoft on banking-specific solutions and best practices based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM that will help banks meet the ever-changing needs of customers in the digital era.”

RBS-NatWest is a great example of a banking organization putting the customer at the center of its business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

“Knowledge is powerful — especially when creating a tailored banking experience for business customers,” said David Russell, head of CRM services, RBS-NatWest. “NatWest Business Banking uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM, providing its employees with a unified and highly detailed customer view. With it the team can consistently deliver highly relevant, effective interactions with every customer, which ultimately helps them achieve their business ambitions. Microsoft Dynamics CRM unites teams, saves time and helps NatWest make customers happy. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, RBS-NatWest has achieved more than 95 percent user adoption, better connected teams and more valued customer service.”

Citibank, a worldwide leading financial institution, uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its private banking operations across three continents.

“Our technology team considered Microsoft Dynamics CRM and found that it was everything we wanted and more. Most important, it could serve as a global solution and integrate with the platform we were currently using,” said Dena Brumpton, global chief operating officer, Citi Private Bank. “We can deliver solutions to our clients in a much more relevant way because we understand their needs. We know what they’re interested in and what their preferences are, which means we can target them better. As well, Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it easy to be compliant with regulatory requirements in each jurisdiction.”

The Saudi Investment Bank, a leading banking institution in the Persian Gulf, decided to employ Microsoft Dynamics CRM to drive growth in its recently created retail banking operations.

“The figures speak for themselves. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped us drive up our overall bank revenue, dramatically increase our market share in consumer loans, increase our conversion and win rates, and, most important, increase our customer satisfaction,” said Suliman Abduaziz Al-Obaid, general manager-IT and Shared Services, The Saudi Investment Bank. “It is clearly a powerful tool and easier to implement than other CRM solutions. We needed to improve turnaround time and streamline processes, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps us do exactly that.”

More than just a customer management solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides financial service organizations with a flexible development framework, something Maybank experienced firsthand. Maybank, winner of the Asian Banker Risk Management Technology Award, uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better manage risk and improve efficiencies.

“We were able to use the flexible platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM not just for customer management but also for risk management and contract management,” said Herbert Poh Cher Hian, director, Group Finance Strategy and Systems, Maybank. “Most impressive was how quickly we could develop our contract management system, deploy it consistently across all groups, and get our people to use it and dramatically increase their productivity. Because the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface is so similar to other Microsoft products like Outlook, our people were able to start using it with little training. And we are already seeing real business benefits with Microsoft Dynamics CRM as noted by the 80 percent reduction in contract processing time.”

Leading technology organizations are capitalizing on the extensible platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to better serve the needs of their banking customers.

“Microsoft provides a leading CRM solution with an extensible platform, which we’ve used to build a loan origination solution and will apply to additional industry-focused solutions,” said Anthone Withers, director and general manager, Integration Services, HP. “These solutions, combined with a broad portfolio of IT and consulting services and deep industry expertise, allow us to holistically address the business needs of our financial services customers.”

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